Two Sets of Identical Twins Under 4 | At Home Family Lifestyle Photography Session in Austin, Texas

Jul 25, 2018

This family is totally rocking #4under4. An at-home lifestyle session was perfect for them because it’s where they spend most of their time. I spent the morning documenting absolute love and chaos in their awesome backyard. Two sets of identical twins under the age of 4. All hail QUEEN MAMA.

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Playful Outdoor Family Lifestyle Photography Session at Bull Creek Park in Austin, Texas

Jul 18, 2018

Those “melt my heart, these are the days we want to remember forever” kind of moments.

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Outdoor Woodsy Senior Lifestyle Portrait Session at Bull Creek District Greenbelt Park in Austin, Texas

Jul 13, 2018

If your senior is outdoorsy and likes to adventure, a woodsy lifestyle session is a great way to do senior portraits!

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Outdoor Family Plus One-Year Milestone Lifestyle Session at Bull Creek in Austin, Texas

Jul 12, 2018

These kiddos were the biggest adventurers ever. Into everything, no fear, happy-go-lucky and total water babies. This session was a blast. They wanted to document their love and life with the kids as the littlest is about to reach the one year milestone. In the outdoor family lifestyle session versus the trendy cake smash battle,…

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Outdoor Couples Lifestyle Session at Pedernales Falls State Park in Johnson City, Texas

Jul 11, 2018

I have been inspired by some super talented photographers and felt a calling in my heart to break into couples photography for so long. Because I knew it would take an astronomical amount of inspiration and the very perfect models to make this breakout session totally epic, I have been patiently waiting for this moment…

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Home Lifestyle Photography Session in Leander, Texas near Austin

Jul 7, 2018

These are the days. So much life and love!

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Outdoor Family Lifestyle Session at Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas

Jul 7, 2018

It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of life with small children and totally miss the opportunity to document the moments. The little feet and hands and hugs and kisses and belly laughs. But it’s totally worth it. Promise!

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Outdoor Lifestyle Maternity Session at Bull Creek in Austin, Texas

Jul 6, 2018

Sometimes you meet someone and just feel so connected. When I met this mama, I saw myself 5 years ago in her. About to have her first baby. Heart full or excitement and wonder. She radiates beauty and will be a strong, loving mother.

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One Year Milestone Family Lifestyle Session at Bull Creek District Greenbelt in Austin, Texas

Jul 2, 2018

So much yes. THIS is how I love to do first year milestone sessions. It’s simple and beautiful. Mom and Dad take little one for an adventure and we document every moment. The hugs, the kisses, the smiles, the belly laughs, the tiny hands and feet, the wonder in baby’s eyes. We have captured a…

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Outdoor Lifestyle Maternity Session at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas

Jun 30, 2018

This couple’s energy was ELECTRIC. They have been together for over a decade and it showed… in their comfort with one another. They are so in love and so sweet. I absolutely loved working with them. They totally rolled with all of my ideas and gave me plenty of sweet love and belly laughs to…

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