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Smoler Family Newborn Lifestyle Photography Austin Texas

One of my favorite things about North Austin are the well-preserved nearly century old homes and also the people who choose to inhabit them. I walked into such a beautiful space full of rich, vibrant colors and meaningful art and decor in every direction. That’s just my type! Welcome to the world, baby Cass. Haven’t…

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How to Prepare for a Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session

After nine months of growing that precious babe in your belly, they finally arrive. The gift of a lifetime. At last, it is time to capture all of the brand new goodness. The comfort of your home is certainly the best place to do so. When to book I recommend booking your newborn lifestyle session…

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Single Mom At-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session in Austin, Texas

#SingleMomStrong // I don’t think anyone goes into it thinking they’ll have to raise their babies without a hand to hold. But, when life happens, you do what you gotta do. And you love that baby like there’s nothing that matters more, because there’s not. Is there anything she can’t handle? She’s been broken. She’s…

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